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Selection of research projects conducted with participation of research organisations and universities from the EU member-states as a part of multilateral cooperation within the Horizon 2020 and ERA-Net

Maximum amount of grant per each Agreement should not exceed 30 million rubles to be distributed in the following manner:
in 2017 - up to 10 mln. rubles;
in 2018 - to 10 million. rubles.
in 2019 - up to 10 million. rubles.
Application deadline: October 14, 2015.
Project completion date: no later than December 31, 2019

The project should be carried out in collaboration with scientific-research organizations and universities from the EU Member States which can participate in the project in the form of a consortium. The international consortium, in addition to organizations from the EU Member States and associated countries may also include organizations from other countries, if their participation is justified by their role in carrying out this joint multilateral project. The share of foreign partners in the project should be at least 100% of the total grant amount requested by the Participant for each year of project implementation.
Additionally, the project should have a corresponding ("mirror") application, filed by the coordinator of multilateral project within the framework of the "Horizon 2020".
By the start of competition Participant is required to submit a copy of the document confirming their participation in an international project within the European framework programme Horizon 2020. By the time of signing the grant agreement Participant shall have a copy of the Grant Agreement or an invitation to signing the Grant Agreement.
The project should be implemented within the prioritized fields announced by the Ministry for Education and Science at:
(EN) http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/data/ref/h2020/other/hi/h2020_...
(RU) http://fcpir.ru/events_and_publications/_contest/informatsionnoe-soobshc...
To find more detailed information about this competition please follow the link below: http://fcpir.ru/participation_in_program/contests/list_of_contests/1_pub...

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